Law Firms in Cyprus

Practicing the law in a prosperous and ethical way is a duty for every conscientious lawyer. Whether we are talking about individual lawyers or law firms, there are restrictions which they must comply with. For the protection of clients and to ensure a high quality legal services, Law Firms in Cyprus must strictly observe the following conditions.

Every lawyer who practices the legal profession in Cyprus is obliged, according to the “Law on Lawyers”, to register in the respective Register of Lawyers of the Supreme Court, receiving a certificate of registration. In this way, legal services are provided exclusively by lawyers who legally hold and renew every year the specific license to practice the legal profession, according to the requirements of the Cyprus Bar Association.

Practicing the profession of a lawyer in Cyprus, as defined in the “Laws on Lawyers”, means:

  • appearing before any Court to conduct proceedings on behalf of any person;
  • the preparation or study of any writ on behalf of a client to be used in court proceedings;
  • the act of registering trademarks and patents before any authority for the aforementioned purposes;
  • the drafting, revision, modification of any founding document or articles of association of any company and any document related to the incorporation, registration, reorganization or dissolution of any company;
  • the registration of ships and the drafting of any document relating to any right on board;
  • the opinion on a legal issue for a fee;
  • the preparation or study of any document registered with the Court for the purpose of managing the property of a deceased person.

Institutional guarantees for the proper functioning of the legal profession

The goal of the Cyprus  Bar Association, which has more than 2,500 members, is both the proper representation of the interests of lawyers and the control, upon request, of the quality of legal services provided. The Cyprus Bar Association can initiate disciplinary procedures in cases where the Code of Ethics is violated according to which lawyers and law firms on the island must abide. Along with the Cyprus Bar Association, each lawyer must register with his local bar association, which has its seat in the province where it is located and the respective District Court.

The Code of Ethics sets out the general principles that govern the legal profession and shapes the way it is practiced, while regulating the relations of lawyers with their clients, court officials, experts, arbitrators and colleagues. Violation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics indicates professional negligence and imposes possible disciplinary penalties on the lawyer or law firm.