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Inomenon Ethnon 14 5th Floor, Larnaca, Cyprus
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Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm

Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm is a full-service Law Firm based in Larnaca (Cyprus).

Our firm undertakes to supply a comprehensive range of legal services for both domestic and international clients and to fulfil our clients’ needs across the full spectrum of their business activities. We pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gap between the often complex nature of the law, and the needs and interests of our clients.

Our firm’s driving purpose is to use our legal and business expertise to address the diverse challenges our clients face quickly, efficiently and at a sensible cost. We invest in building mutual trust and respect with our clients as we tackle obstacles together.

Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm takes the time to understand the clients’ immediate and long-term issues. We anticipate change and think ahead for you, putting your interests ahead of ours to create stronger relationship. We develop and implement legal solutions to financial, business and private problems.

Our team consists of highly qualified Lawyers, Tax and Financial advisors with over 30 years of experience and we assist our clients through legal, tax planning and corporate structuring advice.

One of our qualities is that our clients come first and strongly believe that communication is a key service that must be offered to our clients, with regular meetings and constant telephone communication at any time during working hours in order to answer any questions that may arise.

We provide prompt attention to clients’ matter and outstanding care, keeping you fully informed at all times.

We understand different time zones and language needs. We intent scheduling meetings at any time preferable for you, and if needed an interpreter will be arranged at no additional cost.

Building client relationships through trust is an integral part of our business. As our customer testimonials demonstrate, we can be characterised as a friendly, reliable and reassuring firm to deal with. We know that when we help you to achieve your goals, our own success follows.

If you wish to speak to a member of our Team then please contact us.

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Inomenon Ethnon 14 5th Floor, Larnaca, Cyprus

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            • Maria Chr. Marinou Law Firm assists and provides services to local and International clients in various economic industries from registration, administration and management of the company.

              We offer solutions, ideas and strategies born out of our understanding of the business in question and its goals. We intend to deliver these solutions ideas, and strategies efficiently and cost-effectively through teams committed to their successful implementation.

              Direct channel of communicating partners’ needs and wants will also be established.

              Our corporate law expertise includes:

              • Company formation

              • Fiduciary and Nominee Services

              • Secretarial Services and Company Management

              • Submission of applications to the Registrar of Companies

              • Allocation/transfer/alternation of share capital

              • Opening and management of bank accounts

              • Registration of trademarks and patents

              • Statutory articles changes

              • Preparation, review and execution of commercial agreements

              • Formation of Partnerships

              • Joint ventures and partnership agreements

              • Corporate Litigation;

              • Arranging notarisation, certification and apostille authentication of documents.

              Advantages of Company Registration in Cyprus:

              • The lowest tax system as compared to other member States of the European Union, at 12.5% on taxable profits.

              • No withholding tax on dividends paid to non-resident shareholders

              • A mature network of double tax treaties in operation

              • Cyprus does not charge any withholding tax on interest paid to non-resident receivers.

              • No inheritance tax.

            • Nominee services is where a person is appointed as director, secretary or shareholder having no discretion over their actions; they can only act in accordance with instructions from the beneficial owner.

              A nominee service will allow you to keep the identity of the director and the secretary off public records whereas the nominee’s details will be held on public record and viewable by anyone who wishes to do so at the Companies Registrar.

              We provide Nominee services and will act on your behalf, without the need for you to physically be present in Cyprus.

              This service includes the signing of documents in the capacity of director or secretary only upon written instruction of the Beneficial owner. It is important to understand that our role is purely an administrative one in name and only for the purposes of the Companies Registrar.
            • Real estate in Cyprus has seen a significant increase within the past few years due to favourable residency and citizenship schemes for the Non-nationals.

              The firm’s Property Department provides a full range of services to a diverse client base and has the necessary skills to carry out sale or purchase of the property and the successful completion of the transaction.

              Our experienced team can provide you with the advice and support necessary to protect your interests and secure your investment, whether you are selling or buying for residential purposes, investment or for development.

              We can assist you throughout the process of buying a property, starting from the first steps which is the official searches at the Land Registry and checking the legal rights and burdens which come with the property until the issuance of Title deeds.

              Furthermore, any other externalities that arise when considering or thinking of buying a new build home, especially when the property is still in the process of being constructed, and it is our job to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

              In addition to residential property transactions of all sizes ranging from high value properties to small studios or flats for use as a home or as an investment, we have the expertise on advising in regards to the purchase and disposal of land.

              We can also assist you with the tax implications of the purchase and sale of property or land and any immigration issues affecting Non-nationals clients.

              Additionally, if you are a Cypriot citizen or a foreign national wishing to invest in property or sell in Cyprus, our Property Department can offer expert advice and act on the following:

              • Due diligence on the property – Land registry search

              • Reservation agreement

              • Purchase of Cyprus property by a Non-national citizen;

              • Purchase / sale of residential property

              • Purchase / sale of commercial property

              • Sale / Purchase Agreements / Contract of Assignments;

              • Transfer of Property;

              • Tax clearance;

              • Apply for the reduced VAT rate of 5%;

              • Property management;

              • Landlord and tenant issues;

              • Rental Agreement;

              • Property disputes;

              • Issuance of title deeds;

              • Mortgaging and finance;

              • Tax issues arising in the Real Estate transactions;

              • Obtaining permits and regulatory approvals.

            • The Contract Law is also known as Chapter 149 in the Cypriot Civil Code.

              Contractual agreement has traditionally been analysed in terms of offer and acceptance.

              One party, the offeror, makes an offer which once accepted by another party, the offeree, creates a binding contract.

              A contract is based on an exchange of promises.

              Contracts form the basis of virtually all business, and business/consumer arrangements, as well as many dealings between individuals.

              Although a contract can be in any form such as Verbal, Written or E-communication, we strongly advise our clients to put the terms of the agreement in writing in order to decrease the potential for dispute concerning what each party agreed to do.

              The terms of the contract dictate how the contract is to be performed by each party.

              The nature, and therefore the consequences, of a breach of contract depend upon the term/s that have been breached.

              If the breach is a condition at the very heart of the contract, then the innocent party can terminate performance of the contract and claim damages suffered as a result of the breach.

              However, if the breach is of a warranty (obligations that are not critical to the performance of the contract), the innocent party can only claim damages that directly result from the breach and the contract as a whole remains in place.

              Whether a term is treated as a condition or a warranty depends on the wording, context and intentions of the parties.

              The general rule is that the damages awarded aim to place the innocent party in the same situation had the contract been performed according to the original terms.

              Our professional services include:

              • Sale/ Purchase – Rental Agreements;

              • Memorandum of Understanding Agreements;

              • Agency Agreements;

              • Partnership Agreement;

              • Non-Disclosure Agreements;

              • Employment Contracts;

              • Shareholder Agreements.

            • Our firm provides immigration assistance and advice in dealing with all immigration matters and tailored assistance across all areas of Cyprus and Greece immigration, both to Companies and individuals.

              Our Immigration Department has years of experience in immigration Law and provides accurate advice with pleasing results, in obtaining successfully all types of immigration Permits and Visas.

              Cyprus immigration law is increasingly complex with ever more stringent requirements being imposed on applicants.

              We greatly understand the importance of seeking reliable help and services when it comes to immigration and migration issues which is the reason why our team takes every effort to listen to clients’ predicaments.

              An immigration application, can be stressful but we are committed in providing a full review of all your immigration matters at whatever stage.

              We ensure that you, your family or your employees receive an expert and detailed advice on all your future options and support from the outset.

              Your immigration matters will be dealt from the start until the issuance of the permits and/or Visas.

              Working together, along our experience a solution that matches your needs will always be the case.

              We handle all matters relating to immigration law such as:

              I. Permanent Residence Permit;
              II. Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip);
              III. Yellow slip;
              IV. Employment permits and visas;
              V. Assistance with Tax Residency applications;
              VI. Cyprus Investment Program;
              VII. Other Permits and Visas;
              VIII. Greece Golden Visa.
            • Cyprus succession law is governed by the Wills and Succession Law/Cap 195, The Administration of Estates Law/Cap 189 and the Probates (Re- Sealing) Law/Cap 192 and EU Succession Regulation (650/2012) since Cyprus is a member of European Union.

              According to the Wills and Succession Cap 195, a ‘Will’ means the legal declaration in writing of the intentions of a testator with respect to the disposal of his movable property or immovable property after his death and includes codicil.

              In other words, a Will is a legal document which can be registered at the court that gives clear instructions on how you want your estate such as property, assets, money etc., to be managed after you die. Generally, a Will includes instructions like who will administer your estate. This avoids complicated, expensive and potentially divisive situation for your family and loved ones who don’t know your wishes.

              Requirements for a Will to be valid

              • the testator must be above 18 years old and be of sound mind.

              • the will is signed by the testator and properly signed by at least two witnesses.

              • The Will must be signed at the bottom of the last page by the testator and his initials or signature should be on every page of the Will.

              • The witnesses must also sign and have their initials or signatures on every page of the Will. The witnesses should not be beneficiaries of the Will.

              • it is advisable that a will is filed to Court.

              In case when a person dies without a valid will then the estate will be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the Wills and Succession Law Cap. 195. In order to do so, then a close relative of the deceased such as a spouse or a child must file an application with a court registry asking it to grant them the letters of administration.

              Our specialist Wills, probate & administration of estates department is dedicated to provide legal advice and assistance to the clients on the following:

              • Will drafting

              • Will Registration to the court.

              • Wills’ disputes.

              • Grant of Probate procedure.

              • Preparation of applications and all the necessary documentation for the Grant of Probate.

              • Appearing before the Courts.

              • Acting as executors or administrators.

            • If your marriage has broken down and there is no chance for reconciliation,

              our team can advise you on the full range of family law issues. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be quite stressful, especially if it involves children, financial or residential issues.

              Our main goal is to provide you with the best advice. We will always work keeping your best interests in mind.

              Our team is able to assist you with the following:

              • Divorce

              • Maintenance of children

              • Maintenance of spouse

              • Child Support and Custody

              • Family property division

              • Use of family residence

              • Protective measures

              • Adoption

            • If you are in a dispute with another person or organisation and thinking about taking legal action against them, it’s vital to have the support of litigation lawyers.

              When facing litigation, clients need to be confident since there is not only a financial interest to protect, but also potentially a client’s future. We will work with you to evaluate the strengths and limitations of your position at an early stage.

              Our litigation team believes in securing the best outcome for our clients and provides specialist legal advice and represents individual people and organisations in Courts.

              Our areas of work include:

              • Alternative dispute resolution – Mediation

              • Banking and finance disputes

              • Bankruptcy, financial restructuring and insolvency

              • Data protection, privacy and cybersecurity

              • Employment and labour issues law

              • Environmental law

              • Fraud and asset recovery

              • Insurance

              • Intellectual property

              • Negligence

              • Public and administrative law

              • Shareholder disputes

              • Tax

              • Property litigation

              • Personal injury

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